Fairy tale seeker.
Searching for real love, real emotions and candid moments.
Just love.
Nothing else.

I'm Silvia, portrait and wedding photographer

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Florence? I may be your right choice!
In this page you can look at the most beautiful love stories that I had the honour to photograph.
I’m young and passionate, in love with people, sensations, emotions. so, for me is a natural an happy life to work as a wedding photographer in Florence, my beautiful city, the most beautiful city in the world, always in my heart.

I’m the right photographer for your wedding day? I am, if you are looking for someone who will make you feel comfortable, who won’t force you to posing, who you can give you advices and guide you to the wedding in Florence, someone who you can be happy with. I’m the right choice for you if you are looking for an intimacy photography, with the focus on the couple and the love, simple and pure images that will make you feel in love every time you’ll look at them.
If you think that I may be your wedding photographer in Florence, feel free to contact me: I’ll be happy to hear your story!

I'm proudly a memeber of ANFM Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti - the national association that select and reunite all the best of wedding phtography in Italy.

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